Inner Ring Gear

The inner gear ring is manufactured by hot forging, rough machining and heat treatment.

The inner ring gear adopts seamless rolling ring process, which provides forged gear manufacturers with flexibility in shape, size and material, lower volume requirements and a shape close to the final addition, so as to save the final processing cost.

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Product Details

The internal gear ring produced by our Baohua Company is mainly used in the oil industry and equipment accessories of construction machinery. Forging the size of the internal gear ring according to the requirements of customers for using round steel in product materials. Batch purchase can open molds for specialized supply and finishing production.

 At present, there are more than 100 CNC lathes and finishing equipment in our company, which are processed, tempered and heat-treated in various aspects according to different production processes.

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 Customers in any industry using internal gear rings can request quotations for any number of forged gears and gear rings, from one prototype at a time and small batch to mass production. Our expansion also includes gear cutting to the finished gear size. 

Detailed product size and price agreement can be communicated online, and online or email consultation is welcome.

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