About us

   Zhangqiu Baohua Forging Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province, the famous "Hometown of Forging" and "Hometown of Blacksmiths" in China. It is the original forging factory in Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province. 46 personnel. It integrates forging, heat treatment, machining and finishing, and mainly produces oil field wellhead equipment forgings, hydraulic machinery forgings, machine tool forgings, engineering machinery forgings, and mining equipment forgings. In 2021, the company will invest 200 million yuan to build a new wholly-owned subsidiary---Shandong Baohua Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in heat treatment and finishing of forgings, and realizes the whole process coverage of products from forging blanks to finished product delivery.

   The main production equipment are 8 tons, 5 tons, 3 tons, 2 tons of electro-hydraulic hammer, large plywood hammer, air hammer, 8000 tons, 4000 tons, 2500 tons, 1000 tons, 630 tons friction presses, bell heat treatment furnace, Taiwan Turning furnaces, more than 100 vertical and horizontal lathes of various models, more than 30 vertical and horizontal machining centers and gear shapers of various models, etc. Our company has its own technology research and development institution - "Zhangqiu Baohua Forging Company Technology Development Center", and has established a nationally recognized physical and chemical laboratory, equipped with German spectrometer, American Brinell hardness tester, tensile impact test equipment, ultrasonic non-destructive testing Flaw detection equipment, Japanese small plate profilometer, German Zeiss three-coordinate, American length measuring instrument, imager, gear detector and other testing equipment, can carry out a number of mechanical performance experimental testing and product accuracy dimensional roughness testing.

   The company has passed ISO 9001: 2001, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and other certifications. In 2020, it was awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise. In 2021, it was rated as an AAA-level credit unit by the provincial government. It has been rated as a municipal-level professional, refined and special new enterprise, and has been rated as "excellent supplier" and "trustworthy partner" by many manufacturers for many years.

   The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "customer is God, quality is life", reforms and innovates, pays close attention to quality, and the company tenet is "customer first, reputation first", and is deeply trusted by customers. Our company will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of "satisfying customers and making social praise", with superb skills, excellent quality and excellent service, to provide customers with qualified products, and continue to maintain our company in the city's forging industry. status.