①At the morning of september 25, 2022, the leaders of the district committee visited our organization. hou mengyu, the chairman of the board of directors, and the manipulate of the agency gave a warmness reception. they went to the workplace location, the ending workshop, the packaging workshop,
2023/03/21 14:55
                                      Our corporation reserved a horizontal CNC lathe, GA-3300 in 2022. φ 600* φ 500* φ 600 and vertical CNC lathe VL-750R, φ 780* φ 750* φ 600, all set up and commissioning is profitable and put into operation. This marks a huge bounce in our production, 
2023/03/21 14:30
In order to carry out the opinions of Zhangqiu District Committee on the implementation of the construction of strong industrial zones driven by "twin links" and enabled by high-quality industrial chains, conscientiously strengthen the construction of non-public enterprise parties, create a new
2022/06/07 09:56