Seamless Forging Core

seamless core integral molding

The initial recrystallization temperature of steel is about 727 ℃, but 800 ℃ is generally used as the dividing line, and hot forging is used above 800 ℃; It is called warm forging or semi hot forging at 300~800 ℃, and cold forging at room temperature. [3] 

Forgings used in most industries are hot forging. Warm forging and cold forging are mainly used for forging parts such as automobiles and general machinery. Warm forging and cold forging can effectively save materials.

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According to customer requirements, it can be made of 45#, 40Cr, 30CrMo, 35CrMo, 42CrMo, 18CrNiMo7-6 and other materials. According to different weights, it can be forged on different forging equipment units. The weight of forged products can reach 6kg-500kg, Forging needs to be completed through heating, pre-forging, forming, and other processes.

mold core

The die movement and degree of freedom of the forging equipment are inconsistent. According to the deformation limitation characteristics of the lower dead center, the forging equipment can be divided into the following four forms:

1. Form of limited forging force: hydraulic press that directly drives the sliding block by oil pressure.

2. Quasi stroke limit mode: oil press that drives crank linkage.

3. Stroke limit mode: mechanical press with slider driven by crank, connecting rod and wedge mechanism.

Hot test of heavy aviation die forging hydraulic press

Hot test of heavy aviation die forging hydraulic press

4. Energy limiting mode: screw and friction press with screw mechanism.

In order to obtain high accuracy, attention should be paid to preventing overload at the bottom dead center, and controlling the speed and mold position. Because these will affect the forging tolerance, shape accuracy and die life. In addition, in order to maintain the accuracy, attention should also be paid to adjusting the slider guide clearance, ensuring the rigidity, adjusting the lower dead center and using auxiliary transmission devices and other measures.

Forgings Customers in any industry can request a quote for any quantity of forgings, from one prototype at a time and small batches to high volume production. Our extensions include gear cutting to finished gear size.

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