Cylinder Head On Sales Machinery

The production of this product can be processed by rough machining, quenching and tempering, rough machining, heat treatment, nitriding and finishing.

Production advantages: according to the drawings and customer requirements, die forging or free forging can be used, which can reduce the cost.

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cylinder head on construction machinery refers to the head of hydraulic cylinder, also known as hydraulic Cylinder head. It is the key component of the hydraulic cylinder, which is used to transmit and control the movement of the hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder heads are usually made of high-strength materials to withstand high pressure and heavy load working environment. In construction machinery, hydraulic cylinder head is often used in excavators, forklifts, bulldozers and other large machinery to control and adjust the action of machinery.

Cylinder Head

Baohua company was founded in 1969, from the initial initial processing to the industrial production of blank, quenching and tempering, rough machining, heat treatment, nitriding and finishing. And has ISO 9001, API 20b and API Q1 certificates. Related accessories can be produced in construction machinery, petroleum, wind power, mining and shipbuilding industries.

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The forging equipment of our Baohua company mainly includes: five tons and three tons of free forging hammers, 2500 tons, 1000 tons and 600 tons of friction presses, six large splint hammers and various types of air hammers, and 1000 tons of multi-directional die forging presses. There are more than 60 sets of machining equipment, including CA5116E*1015 vertical lathe, CW61100B and CW50 lathe. There are 2 sets of well-type and trolley-type electric furnaces for heat treatment. There are two tempering furnaces, which can complete product normalizing, annealing, tempering and other technological treatments. Equipped with a nationally recognized physical and chemical laboratory, the main testing equipment is a spectrometer imported from Germany with a value of nearly 500,000 yuan; Brinell hardness tester imported from the United States with a value of 120 thousand yuan can carry out ultrasonic nondestructive testing and mechanical performance test.


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