Cylinder Head In Engineering

Cylinder head, also known as cylinder head, is mainly used in construction machinery industry and wind power generation industry. Our company produces a variety of cylinder head products in these two industries, and we already have ISO 9001 certificate in 2015, which is qualified to produce related products.

After years of processing experience, our Baohua company can manufacture molds according to customer's needs, and mass produce them after forging.

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The cylinder head in engineering usually refers to the cylinder head of the engine. Engine is the core power device of all kinds of construction machinery, and cylinder head is an important part of engine.

Hydraulic cylinder is a common executive component in construction machinery, which is used to produce linear motion or drive other equipment. The cylinder head of the hydraulic cylinder is used to connect with other parts, and push and pull are realized by hydraulic pressure in the engineering field.

Cylinder Head

The cylinder heads produced by our Baohua company are mainly used in construction machinery industry and wind power generation industry. Raw materials are purchased from round steel with recognized quality at home and abroad. We can forge the corresponding model of dies and hammers according to customers' requirements, thus improving production efficiency and saving time. At present, we have many types of materials such as: 42CrMo, 45#, 35CrMo, 4140, 4130, etc.

10 ton electro-hydraulic hammer


After the cylinder head is repeatedly pre-forged by heating and die forging, the forging ratio is high and the durability is good, which is suitable for key accessories of equipment in many industries.

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