Zhangqiu District Leaders Visit and Guide the Work

2022/05/14 09:55

①At the morning of september 25, 2022, the leaders of the district committee visited our organization. hou mengyu, the chairman of the board of directors, and the control of the organisation gave a heat reception. they went to the office location, the finishing workshop, the packaging workshop, and the warmth remedy workshop to check out the work on the web site, and checked in detail our personnel control, the first-class of safe production products, and the paintings manner.


②The leaders first came to the public workplace location of baohua forging to recognize the business enterprise's development technique, management gadget and destiny improvement plan. the leaders talked about a few pointers and evaluations for this cause, hoping that the agency may be in addition advanced in future improvement. then, underneath the management of president hou, he came to our organisation's completing workshop for investigation. president hou defined the manufacturing and meeting system of the complete manufacturing line to the leaders, and gave wonderful reward to the research group for the complete manufacturing method.

③Subsequently, the leaders came to the production workshop together to understand and consult our products. They walked into the production base. The spacious and neat workshop and advanced production equipment made the leaders of the District Committee amaze. Under the leadership of the production staff, we have successively visited the company's production workshops, technical workshops and packaging workshops. The leaders of the production workshop see how the products are manufactured through the process from the raw materials, production to the inspection of packaging labeling and packaging. In the packaging workshop, they have a deeper understanding of the labeling and packaging of the products.

④After visiting the workshop for safety engineering, the leader of the delegation of the District Committee praised the environment of our production base and the advanced equipment, at the same time, affirmed and assured the products produced by Baohua Forging. He hoped that Baohua Forging would vigorously develop self-innovation, increase investment in scientific research, improve self-innovation ability, and pay attention to the creation, protection and application of self-knowledge and property rights.

⑤Before the give up of the investigation, the leaders had an in depth know-how of the organization's initiatives and other elements, and hoped that baohua forging might continuously beautify the complete strength of the enterprise and improve its position inside the industry, making extra contribution to selling regional monetary improvement.