Our factory organizes "Party Building Alliance" activities

2023/03/21 14:22

In order to raise out the opinions of Zhangqiu District Committee on the implementation of the building of robust industrial zones pushed by way of "twin links" and enabled by using wonderful industrial chains, rigorously support the development of personal organization parties, create a new mannequin of financial improvement for the entity with Party constructing and enabling, accumulate new resultant pressure for high-speed development, and provide full play to the benefits of industrial linkages and comparable regions, September 23, Puji Street held the founding of the forging equipment enterprise cluster in the east of Zhangqiu District and the Joint Party Committee and industrial neighborhood in our workshop. Li Qi, Standing Committee and Vice-Regional Chairman of the District Committee, Yang Yuxin, Vice-Chairman of Organizational Department of the District Committee, Yu Yehui, Secretary of the Puji Street Party and Labor Committee, Li Fahao, Deputy Secretary and Office Director of the Puji Street Party and Labor Committee, some main cadres of the Puji Street, all individuals of the Joint Party Committee, Party Secretaries, Members and Grid Members of the Communities of Trade Unions, participants of the General Party and Party Members of the Puji Chamber of Commerce, heads of Party-Building Alliances of a range of industries, and representatives of some companies in .