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  For shaft processing, our organisation specially entails key parts of creation machinery and petroleum industry, that have been processed and sold in china for many years and circuitously exported overseas. after many years of processing experience, we can skillfully carry out repeated pre-forging, heating die forging and other strategies for shaft processing and manufacturing. 

  In order that the forging of the shaft has exact forging ratio and good sturdiness. in addition, we've got received iso, api and other certificate diagnosed by relevant foreign exchange associations, and our merchandise can be guaranteed in great and confident after sale.

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Crankshaft is one of the main parts in machinery. Usually, it is a steel spherical rod around which wheels and other rotating parts rotate or follow.

 As a huge category, shafts are subdivided into intermediate shafts, crankshafts, driving shafts and so on. After the crankshaft is repeatedly pre-forged and die-forged by heating, the forging has high forging ratio, good durability and its quality is recognized by international certificates such as API API ,ISO.

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