Roughing Hammer Cope

The roughing hammer cope with is produced via independently designed molds, that can store materials and improve production performance.

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Our company is able to design the die according to the drawing according to the customer's requirements and achieve precision die forging, so that the utilization rate of rough processing hammer handle materials can reach more than 90%, which greatly saves costs. Our company can deliver according to the needs of customers with different delivery status. The quantity can also be purchased from one to more.

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Crusher forging hammer is a processing method that heats the metal up to 700-1300 ℃, uses forging machinery to exert pressure on the metal blank, so that it can produce plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. One of the two major components of forging (forging and stamping). Forging can eliminate as cast porosity and other defects produced in the smelting process of metal, optimize the microstructure. At the same time, due to the preservation of complete metal streamline, the mechanical properties of forgings are generally superior to castings of the same material. In addition, the hammer of forging crusher must be made of the most wear-resistant materials. Nowadays, the most wear-resistant materials are imported 65Mn, which have good impact resistance, strong toughness, good wear resistance and are not easy to break.

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