Forged Bucket Tooth

Multiple stamping, one-piece molding

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If you need to order bucket teeth, you can choose us. Our company has many years of forging experience. Our company can independently design and process forging dies according to drawings, and will try our best to save forging materials. The weight of the forged product can reach 6kg-50kg, and the forging needs to be completed through the processes of heating, pre-forging, forming and trimming. Various materials including 42CrMo, 4140, 4130, 40Cr, 20CrMnMo, 18CrNiMo7-6, 410SS can be forged.

Bucket Tooth

1. The bucket teeth are made of nodular cast iron, the tooth crown is made of cast steel, the tooth bed is made of manganese steel plate, and the angle knife is made of manganese steel. The main material of the bucket teeth is general ship steel plate. The ears connecting the forearms are cast steel.

2. Brief introduction to bucket teeth of excavator: bucket teeth of excavator are important consumable parts of excavator, similar to human teeth, which are combined bucket teeth composed of tooth base and tooth tip, and they are connected by pin shaft. As the wear failure part of bucket teeth is the tooth tip, just replace the tooth tip.

3. Classified according to the use environment of excavator bucket teeth. The bucket teeth of excavators can be divided into rock teeth for iron ore, stone ore, etc., earth teeth for digging soil, sand and stone, etc., and cone teeth for coal mines. According to the bucket teeth seat, the bucket teeth of the excavator can be divided into vertical pin bucket teeth, horizontal pin bucket teeth and rotary digging bucket teeth.

Customers in any industry using hammer shanks can request a quote for any number of forged teeth, from one prototype at a time and small batches to high volume production.

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